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The Pigeon Clock Has Evolved

Over the years pigeon racing has seen the use of mechanical puncture clocks and battery or quartz printing clocks, before the first type of digital data recording with the T3. 

Finally, we are in an age of Electronic Timing Systems.

In 2004, the first Topigeon timer was conceived and introduced into the Taiwan racing pigeon market.

Due to improved security through better technology and data transparency, Topigeon has since become one of the most trusted brands and providers of ETS pigeon clocks for pigeon racing worldwide.

Advanced ETS for Pigeon Racing

Racing Pigeon ETS

The ipigeon v8

With the release of the iPigeon V8 come a host of advanced features for fanciers and clubs looking to enhance their pigeon racing experience.

Built-in Ring Reader

One of the unique features of the iPigeon clock is our built-in ETS ring reader.

  • Time pigeons in with the clock alone (should the need arise)
  • Test rings before assigning to birds
  • Identify pigeons in the loft easily
ETS Rings

Next Gen Racing Pigeon Clock

iPigeon ETS System


A GPS module is embedded in the iPigeon as a standard component which allows for multiple advanced features, including:

  • Gives the loft location and therefore the pigeon’s arrival co-ordinate information. 
  • Acts as a pigeon transporter tracking device, just plug into a cigarette socket for power.

This tracking device will, at determined time intervals, send the transporter’s exact co-ordinates through GPRS/3G data transfer.

Effortless Basketing and Race Management For Your Club

Club and race management functionalities have been developed with the customer in-mind

Just download and install our club manager software on your club computer to efficiently manage everything from marking, ring lists and races start to finish.

If your club doesn't use a computer, every aspect of club and race management can be done using only your iPigeon V8 clock with the club antenna.

Club Antenna

Club Antenna - Provided FREE for your club with registration