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Club Antenna

The club antenna alongside an iPigeon V8 is all you need to run and manage your club and races.

So, no worries if your club doesn't use a computer.

However, to really get the most out of our system we recommend installing our club manager software, allowing you to easily:

  • Add new members, life and ets rings
  • Create race points, mark/basket pigeons
  • Open, close and delete races
iPigeon Marking System

Topigeon Antenna
Topigeon Antenna

Free Club Package

Club ETS Package

Contact racing pigeon supplies and register your club now to receive your free club antenna package.

  • Club Antenna/Marking Unit
  • 2 Fob Keys - held by secretary/administrator
  • USB Connection - Connect to club laptop/desktop computer
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    Mini-Din Cable
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    Club Software - Free Lifetime Access