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The iPigeon V8

The iPigeon V8 electronic timing system has been developed with advanced technology integrating SMS, GPS and internet capabilities.

  • Fast and accurate GPS gives real-time location of the clock.
  • A secure and cost effective ETS solution.
  • Backwards compatible - uses a majority of approved ETS rings.
  • Free club antenna system per club with registration.
iPigeon V8 ETS
iPigeon ETS
Main Screen

Colour Touch Screen

7 Inch LED color touch panel with in-display keyboard that makes the iPigeon easy to use and enter data.

The front has five buttons that can be used to assist in general navigation of the system.

  • 7" Full Touch Colour Screen
  • Easy to operate
  • High volume speaker reads out bird ring numbers as they arrive.

Better races

Using an ETS clearly gives fanciers a competitive edge as well as adding an element of fairness over traditional timing practices.


Plug in a SIM card and get instant SMS text notifications when birds are liberated and arrive. There is no extra charge to pay for this service.

Cost Effective

iPigeon seeks to offer the lowest barrier to entry for all UK fanciers and clubs. Our system works with most approved ETS rings, iPigeon rings cost just 95p.


iPigeon ETS rings have a Universal ID feature (UID). This UID is a code burned into the ring by the manufacturer e.g. NXP.

The UID code can not be cloned and can be cross-referenced with the e-ring, life ring and pigeon history in the database to discover any discrepancies.

iPigeon ETS Rings
Reliable Pigeon ETS

Reliable Hardware

Topigeon has been designing and developing technology and hardware specifically for pigeon racing since 2004. 

Our high performance landing pads are robust and work at speed. What's more, there is no yearly maintenance fee for your system.

iPigeon V8
iPigeon V8

Continuous Loft Recorder

Continue to clock pigeons in even when the iPigeon is outside the loft.


A convenient and easy to install wall bracket for your loft.


Carry Case

Satchel bag with front pocket for carrying the iPigeon.

Carry Case

now available in the uk

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