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Landing Pad

The iPigeon V8 combined with our high performance landing board is the most powerful and complete pigeon ETS system for clubs and fanciers available today. 

To reach the highest security level and maximum reading speed, all the boards are designed with anti-collision and anti-interference mechanism. 

ETS Landing Pad
Safe Connection

Equipped with the latest technology, the cable provides a safe and reliable connection with your clock and landing pads. It's waterproof and will not rust, greatly extending it's life usage.

Connect additional landing pads together using a T-connector (sold separately). Extremely useful for larger lofts and setups.




Anti-collision and anti-interference design widely adopted.


Trusted technology with high reading distance at speed. 


Suitable for all pigeon lofts. Flat and water resistant.

Available In Different Sizes

One Bird ETS Pad

Single Bird

Measures: 100mm x 235mm x 15mm
(width x depth x height)

Four Bird ETS Pad

Four Bird

Measures: 540mm x 186mm x 35mm
(width x depth x height)